Wellesley Boys Lacrosse

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COVID-19 Safety Protocols

May 2021


Physical contact, Health, and Hygiene:

  • Coaches will take measures to prevent all but the necessary contact required for playing and instructing.
  • All will refrain from unnecessary body contact.  Sportsmanship should continue in a touchless manner.
  • If an individual feels ill in anyway, or if they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please stay at home. Follow the advice of your physician and the states quarantine guidelines before you return to play.
  • If an individual feels unwell or develops any symptoms of COVID-19 during an activity, they will be removed from play and must be picked up immediately.
  • All should practice proper hand hygiene, washing with soap and water or sanitizing with an alcohol-based sanitizer frequently.
  • Washing your uniform and disinfecting your equipment after every use is recommended.
  • Players are responsible for bringing their own  hand towel, hand sanitizer, equipment, and drinks.  Sharing of any items is not allowed.


Drop-Off and Pick up:

  • Be prepared to “arrive, play, and leave”.  Congregating among players and parents, before and after events is not allowed.
  • Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to the start of events and be “dressed and ready”.
  • Please follow our field entrance and exit guidelines below to prevent crowding during event transitions.
  • All are to maintain six feet of social distancing as they arrive and leave events.
  • Carpooling to events is discouraged.


Entrance and Exit to fields:

  • Darcey:  Enter/drop off via the Smith St. small parking lot side, the "back entrance” side.   Exit via the main entrance side. Parking at the WHS lot.
  • Sprague:  Enter the fields from the “front”, the side closest to the Sprague Elementary parking lots.  Exit from the “back”, the opposite side of the field, to avoid congestion during transitions.  On game days, we recommend Wellesley families to park at the Wellesley Middle School lot.  We will instruct visiting teams to park at Sprague Elementary. 
  • Hunnewell (grass field): Drop off and pick up on Washington St. or at the Whole Foods parking lot.  
  • Schofield: Drop off and pick up near the playground, teams will be let go on a staggered basis.



  • Team rosters will serve as our attendance records.
  • Please report directly to your designated field area assigned by your coaches.
  • There will be an area for you to place your belonging that will allow social distancing.
  • Coaches will enforce social distancing whenever possible, especially during water and mask breaks to prevent congregating.
  • No spectators on the playing field please.



  • The number of spectators at games must be under 50% of the outdoor facilities capacity.
  • Spectators must maintain six feet of social distancing and wear facial coverings.
  • WYLC will not play at or against teams whose home field is in a designated high risk (red) town.


If a player or one of your family member contracts COVID19 please notify your coach and the COVID contact, Dr. Hyun Kee Chung at   , 339-225-1646 . Follow the advice of your physician and do not return to play until cleared by your physician.

Your cooperation and communication are vital for your child’s health and the safe operation of the Wellesley Youth Lacrosse Club.

Thank You and Go Raiders!


Information and Guidance for Persons in Quarantine due to COVID-19



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