Wellesley Boys Lacrosse

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Wall Ball is the easiest way to improve your stick skills in a short period of time.

YouTube Girls Wall Ball Playlist:

Backyard rebounder video on YouTube:

How to improve your OFF HAND


Get in shape!

Get out and play any sport to keep up your endurance and agility throughout the year.  Many sports have similar skills that translate over including, soccer, basketball, tennis, golf, hockey and running.  As they girls get older, endurance, agility and strength become more important.

What is good Sportsmanship?

  • Be on time and listen to all coaches
  • Work hard at what you do and encourage your team to do the same
  • Be a team player; pass the ball to everyone, help others that need it
  • Ask questions. You aren’t the only one that has the same question
  • Try new skills and positions
  • Know it is ok to make mistakes, learn from them and then try to do it differently
  • Games are about having fun, making mistakes, play in all diff. positions, including goal
  • Communicate with respect to your coach and teammates on and off the field
  • Be respectful of other teams, referee’s and coaches